iPod Nano 5/6/7 Repair

If you are an owner of the iPod Nano 5/6/7 and are experience issues with your device you can count on cellfixinc to diagnose and fix the issue!

When ever your iPod Nano 5/6/7 needs a screen replacement, battery replacement, or any other issues fixed, cellfixinc has the expertise, experience, tools, and parts on hand to fix whatever comes our way! Simply call any of our locations for a quote, and come in for the repair!

You will have peace of mind knowing the device will be fixed correctly the first time and carries our unbeatable limited lifetime warranty!

Repair Price
Glass (Must Touch) $59.99
LCD Assembly/ Screen not touching or no display $59.99
Charging Port $49.99
Loud speaker $49.99
Ear Speaker $49.99
Mic $49.99
Battery $59.99
Mid Frame Housing $59.99
Power/Volume/ button $59.99
Front Camera $59.99
Rear camera $59.99
Volume button $59.99
Headphone jack $59.99
Proximity sensor $59.99
Wifi antenna $59.99
Vibrate button $59.99


Common iPad Repair Types

Our technicians can have most cracked iPad screen repairs turned around within 24 hours and still carries our lifetime warranty.

If you dropped your iPad and notice the image is distorted and looks like it’s “bleeding” the LCD was cracked and needs replacement. We have all the tools to replace an LCD on a cracked iPad screen. Give us a call or come in today for a repair!

According to Apple, an iPad should get about 10 hours of usage. If you notice your iPad isn’t even coming close you may need to get your iPad battery replaced. We have the tools and expertise to give your iPad new life. Most battery repairs take same day.

An iPad with data should not keep saying “searching”, or “no service” if you are experiencing this issue please call us or bring it in and we can try a few tricks before having to open it up for a repair.

Power buttons, lock buttons, home buttons, all fail on devices and are fixable! Give us a call or walk into one of our locations to get it working like new again.

Though rare, we do get iPads that come in that met its enemy; water. If you find yourself in this boat (no pun intended) come in and lets see what we can do about retrieving your precious data and potentially fixing the iPad.

About cellfixinc’s iPad Service

cellfixinc has been fixing iPads for years now, we have seen it all. If you have an iPad with any issue, from a cracked screen, to a bad battery, we can diagnose your issue and give you an accurate quote before doing the repair. This way you have peace of mind knowing a clear price beforehand. We only use high quality parts to repair your iPad and stand by our limited lifetime warranty!

You can trust cellfixinc

cellfixinc has the experience, professionalism, and parts to fix your iPad and provide you with a hassle-free service, but if it is time to upgrade your device, we can purchase your gently used device, and get you setup with a certified pre-owned device based off of your needs, wants, and budget.

So what is this going to cost me?

We are very upfront about our cost for repairs.  You’ll know exactly what you are spending prior to any work being done on your device.

cellfixinc is here to help!


  • Same Day repairs on most models
  • Expert technicians with years of experience
  • Conveniently located
  • Only Premium Quality parts
  • Unbeatable Lifetime warranty
  • Free Estimates on all Smartphones
  • Mail in or Drop off Repairs Available
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