Here at Cell Fix, we are devoted to helping you with your cellular needs. From selling Devices, repairing your phone to unlocking phones, we do it all!
Unlock Your Phone
Unlock your phone to work with other companies. Visit
our website at www.CellFixstores.com or visit a CellFix Store!

Repair Your Phone:
At Cell Fix, we have a team of experts that will find the solution to your phone’s problem. We repair cracked glass screens, cracked LCD, charging ports, home buttons, power buttons, software issues, and much more!

Activate Your Phone:

If you are not satisfied with your current service or paying too much, then try prepaid. With prepaid services, such as T-Mobile prepaid, cricket, Verizon prepaid, At&t prepairs, Net10, Simple Mobile, H2O, and more, You control everything. No ridiculous fees that 2 year contracts wants you to pay. Come to Cell Fix and we will find a prepaid plan that suits your cellular needs.
Buy, Sell, or Trade

We have Devices in stock going up to the newest Iphone models, and Samsungs, we also have a massive inventory selection such as Ipads, Tablets , and even Watches, You want it , We got it Get the latest gadgets & accessories at Cell Fix! You can also sell your phone or use it for credit towards a new one! Trade your phone for another if credit is equal or lesser value!

90 Day Payment Option:

Low on Cash? No problem! At Cell Fix, we understand that the newest phones in the market can be pricey. So we made it easier for you by providing a 90 day option that will allow you to walk out with the phone you really want! Visit us @ www.CellFixStores.com & Call a location near you for more information!

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